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Welcome to SYSIO

Secure Your Systems I. O.

Secure Your System I.O is a marketing company specializing in working with small businesses. For three years, the company has grown to what is now an established name in PR and marketing. The company has helped create extensive marketing campaigns for law firms, private practice dental and doctors offices, community associations and small business vendors.  The team is composed of knowledgeable consultants in the combined fields of business and marketing.  Secure Your System I.O is based in San Diego, California, however, their clients can be anywhere in the country, thanks to the virtual environment wherein consultants can work with clients wherever they are.

After retiring from his practice as a tax attorney, our founder- Ken Johnston, realized the need for marketing in his former industry. Since then, he has been working with his colleagues in the field of law in establishing their brands, as well as other business in the community.  Since then the company has grown with others who shared the same intensity for work as he does, and together, they helped many people have a steady supply of new clients through innovative and creative marketing solutions.

The company’s team of creative consultants work professionally with the clients and understand how the clients’ needs will be addressed by proper marketing strategy. Each consultant is knowledgeable on how to solicit the right information from the client to make sure that the action plan he is going to execute will produce positive results.

If you still wonder why new clients seldom show up in your office, maybe it’s time to switch gear. Let us hep you drive a new direction.