Three Creative Ways To Think About Business Logos

What company do you associate a blue bird or a small “f”? Yes, it’s Twitter and Facebook! These online giants are some of the most popular logos around the web.

Logos are not only cute symbols, they are also born with a purpose.

A logo is represented by an image or a symbol that acts as the company’s brand identity. Whenever people see it, they will know the company it belongs to. While it may look simple, logos deliberately expresses a message to the mind of its audience. Logos need to be easily understood and remembered first and foremost.

If you want to make your own brand identity, you may follow these tips to have the best logo design for your company.

1. Try Your Own Design. While many logos are expressed in a single letter, usually first letter of the company’s name, you can be a little bit more creative by associating certain images or texts with it. You don’t have to be the best in drawing to make a logo. There are uncomplicated softwares available for free online to help you create your own logo. Did you know? The logo of Twitter has gone quite a few sketches here and there before the designer finally settled for that cute little blue bird flying? Yes. Hardwork pays.


2. Keep it simple. Logos are not supposed to be complicated or extremely colorful to be attractive. The goal is for people to remember your brand identity so they can associate it with your company and the products and services you offer.


3. Use colors. Make your logo attractive by using colors but never overdo it. A two or three-tone complimentary colors will do the trick. Avoid using reds with other bright colors such as yellow or orange, it tends to come off too strong and be mindful when using black with any shades of grey as this might result to a bland combination.


Designing your own logo is simple. You only have to know your design, use the right shades of colors and remember to make it simple yet memorable for your customers.