What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do For Your Brand’s Video Campaigns

Over the past few years, we understand the importance of videos in promoting a product. It has become a steady trend in any kind of marketing campaign by video marketing San Diego offices. There are a lot of success stories that happened because of a well-produced video.

Companies use videos to increase traffic on their websites, on their social media pages, and to create brand awareness. However, just like any other form of marketing strategy, a video can also break a business. A poorly executed video can turn-off a lot of potential and existing customers.

If you are going to invest in making a video, check these following do’s and don’ts tips:


– Research your target market. Who are you expecting to use your product? What demographic are you targeting? Have a concrete plan as to what kind of market you want your product to appear more appealing.

– Know your objective for making the video. Do you want your video to direct traffic to your website? Do you like to retain your customers and get new ones? Or you just want to send information about your brand on a broader audience.

– If you don’t know what to do, ask professionals. There are expert film makers who specialize in making branding videos. Check their portfolios and their past clients. If you have a budget, hiring professional video producers is a good decision.

– Be more personal and sincere. This might be the most important one, so I’ll write it again.

Be personal and sincere.

The audience can sense what is real from fake propaganda. Make sure you know what you are talking about, and you believe that your brand can really help address specific concerns from your customers.

Do Not…

~ Don’t try to please everyone with your product. Your product will not solve all the problems of the world so you should stop trying to convince all the viewers to patronize it.Instead, just focus on who you think will most likely need the product that you are selling.

~ Don’t rush things. Planning before the actual shoot is very important. Brainstorm with the whole team. Knowing what to do and who will do which task is very helpful to make the whole production process organized and smooth.

~ Don’t try to copy other products. Imitating other brand’s video is a sure failure. It is easy to check for originality these days. And when people realize that your branding video is almost the same as other videos, you will receive a lot of rants that can hurt your business so bad.